Rhode Island Elder Law Attorneys

NAELA's Aspirational Standards

NAELA's Aspirational Standards were developed by NAELA's Professionalism and Ethics Committee in 2005.  The guidelines set forth by these Standards address the professionalism and ethical behavior of NAELA member attorneys.  They are the product of much study and deliberation by the NAELA membership. 

The Aspirational Standards do not replace each state's professional responsibility rules which mandate minimum requirements of conduct for attorneys to maintain their licenses.  The Standards build upon and supplement these rules.  Attorneys who aspire to and meet these Standards will elevate their level of professionalism in the practice of Elder Law and Special Needs Law, and will enhance the quality of their service to their clients.

The Aspirational Standards for the Practice of Elder Law verify with other attorneys, other professionals, and older and disabled persons and their families how NAELA members aspire to practice Elder Law and Special Needs Law.  By striving to raise their level of practice to that of the Standards, NAELA member attorneys conform their practice of Elder Law or Special Needs Law with NAELA’s mission to establish NAELA members as the premiere providers of legal advocacy, guidance and services to enhance the lives of people with special needs and people as they age.  These Aspirational Standards do not define or establish a community standard.  They are not intended to, nor should they be used to support a cause of action, create a presumption of a breach of legal duty, or form a basis for civil liability.

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